• Early and enhanced germination.
  • Ideal for onion and potato crop.
  • Dipping seedlings in Germinator before transplating helps in vigorous growth of seedlings.
  • Germinator helps in reducing stress of water scarcity in seedlings,. This can help in extending irrigation gap.
  • Ideal for Bahor treatment / ratoon crop.
  • Ideal for seed Industries.
  • Germinator treatment for sugarcane before planting helps in vigorous growth .
  • In grapes foliar application of Germinator after April and October pruning helps in vigorous growth of bud. Germinator is also helpful after flowering and can be used in dipping treatment as well as raisin preparation.
  • “Panchmrit” (Thriver+ Crop Shiner + Ripener + Protectant) if sprayed in combination helps in biomanagement of soil borne fungal diseases like wilt, collar rot etc.
  • Even in cloudy / extreme dry conditions the leaves of various crops like Fenugreek, Coriander, Cabbage, Leafy Vegetables etc. do not wilt after application of “Panchmrit”.
  • Beneficial for nursery, forest nursery, graft.
  • Thousands of farmers have been benefited by using their products Germinator which helps in enhanced germination and vigorous growth of seedlings.

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