What is Dr.Bawasakar Technololgy ?

Dr.Bawasakar Technology Research Institutes engaged in guidance in Agriculture. The medicines collectively well known as Saptamrut includes Germinator, Thriver, Crop-Shiner, Ripener, Protectant, Prisom, Nutraton & Kalpataru (organic manure) are not only for higher yield & quality crops but for Transformation of traditional agriculture crops to low cost input (LCI) to high added value cash crops (HAVCC) like vegetable, fruit & flower crops by utilisation of natural, indigeneous resources to get high quality bumper yield. Diversification of barren & waste lands to Hi-tech Horticulture & floriculture project by making use of natural resources & Dr.Bawasakar Technology is being proven again and again by farmers all over the world.

New Concept

Grow non-traditional crops in different agro-climatic zones. Get high quality, bumper yeild in adverse climatic conditions. Immediate & positive results. Dying plants are revived totally & resume new and better productive life. Helps in successful ratoon crops. Increases butterfly and honey bee population resulting in higher rate of polination.


Economics & Exporting

Quality higher yield for fibre, flowers, vegetables, fruits & wood. Seed production at command for world exports. Traditinal seed becomes enriched & viable by application of Dr.Bawasakar Technology. By using our technology farmers get export quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers & increase in shelf-storage life for exporting.


Eco-Friendly & Eco-Enriching

Dr.Bawasakar Technology is Non-toxic with no side effects on flora & fauna. This technology is not only safer as it is free from all pollutions for all living bodies of the world but dynamic impetus with acceleration of harmony in eco-environmental balance for the happiness of all types of life on planet earth.